Driver San Francisco PS3 Torrent

Driver: San Francisco is probably one of your favourite action racing games and and if you haven’t played it then you definitely need to.

Driver San Francisco PS3 Torrent

If you want to play this game today, then make sure you download it from free PS3 games torrents websites, you will fall in love with this game!

The game continues from where we were left off and we are now trying to catch Jericho who tried to escape and hijacks his prison truck, while Tanner pursues him and tries to catches him. Tanner loses Jericho when he turns in an alley and then he is caught off guard and Jericho hits his vehicle and puts him in some sort of a comma that gives him a special ability.

Driver San Francisco PS3 Game Torrent

This game is all about Tanner’s new ability called “Shift”, and this special power allows him to shift in any car he desires and continue his mission. This is what makes this game so special and of course this ability is limited, but you will learn how to control it and make the best out of it.

You will find yourself chasing a bad guy and then shift into a heavy duty truck that is coming from the other way and destroy the car of the person that you were following and this is just the beginning. This power allows you to look all over the big enormous map of San Francisco and scout for missions, challenges or races that you can do, and trust me, there is a lot to do in this game. You will never get bored.

Driver San Francisco PS3 Torrent


Driver San Francisco PS3 Torrent

Besides one of the biggest maps that was ever made in a racing game which stays true to the city of San Francisco, you also get over 140 fully damageable licenced cars varying from buggies, to muscle cars, exotics and even super cars that look great and drive heavenly.

This game does not try to take itself too serious and you will understand that with time. It is more like a 70’s movie than a game where you have your typical cop buddy story and the cars drive as same as you would see them in a hollywood movie, going through alleyes smashing boxes and gates and getting back on the road with a cool looking drift, all of that while chasing a bad guy. Each type of car has it’s own dynamic and you will see that a muscle car will be less responsive in tight corners and they will tend to be more slippery while the supercars will be more fast and have more grip on the road.

There are a lot of mission types from where you can choose and even for racing challenges are divided into checkpoints or gate smashers and team reces. There are also police missions where you need to ram the criminals of the road or smash their cars by shifting into incoming traffic and you can replay the crash in slow motion, something like you may have seen in Colin McRae.

Driver San Francisco PS3 Torrent Game

The stunt missions are the most fun of them all and you have to complete all shorts of dares weather you have to perform drifts, handbrake turns or huge jumps over moving vehicles. And all of this can be done even in a multiplayer mode that this game has which is super fun and even the classic tag game is more fun with your ability to shift.

Overall this game is great, it is way much better than I expected and it was a pleasant surprise for me when I saw how addictive it can get, so I advice you to get it as well, it available for free for your PS3, what are you waiting for?

Driver San Francisco PS3 Torrent

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